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Teste seu inglês com a Escola de Idioma Top Courses

Teste seu inglês com a Escola de Idioma Top Courses

segunda, 26 de novembro de 2012

A Top Courses vai testar seus conhecimentos em inglês, desta vez sobre os verbos preposicionados, um conteúdo considerado difícil pela maioria dos estudantes.

Aqui embaixo, você encontra um exercício de nível intermediário. Resolva o exercício e envie para a Top Courses, se as respostas estiverem corretas, você ganha um chocolate, sendo aluno da escola ou não. Exercício:

Rewrite the text, using PHRASAL VERBS to replace the underlined words. Choose from the box below:

look down on          fall out             put off          cut up           take to

put up with             make up           go down well with            get off with

put down                got on one?s nerves           look up to        given to

Veronica had always admired Philip. Before too long, he had got to like her as well. He was addicted to Italian food and she cooked him Lasagne every week.

Unfortunately, Philip’s mother, Betty, regarded Veronica with contempt. The main problem was that Veronica smoked heavily wherever she went. This really annoyed Betty, but it didn’t cause Philip to lose interest.

One day, Betty, who was afraid that Veronica wanted to have a physical relationship with her son, decided to talk to Philip directly.

“How can you tolerate someone who always has a cigarette in her mouth?”

She complained.

“Why does Veronica make you feel so upset? Whenever she tries to be friendly you always humiliate her,” he answered.

A week later, Veronica and Philip quarrelled when he found a cigarette end in his Lasagne. She told him that he was as bad as his mother and he became very angry. They never ended the quarrel and decided never to see each other again. This pleased Betty, who decided that she would prepare Italian food for her son every week.


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